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Me, myself and Shine

Being a wife to a celebrity is like being a mistress to his craft.

-Joanna Sunshine Balasico

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10 Ways To Get Your Love Back

Vincent Egoro

One day on a bus ride home, I heard two friends discussing, and one remarked “Everybody wants to get married, meanwhile those of us in the marriages want out.” Then I thought to myself, why are there so many breakups and divorces these days? Don’t people believe in love anymore? What really causes most marital and relationship disagreements?

I am not a relationship expert; as I have no qualifications in relationship or marriage fields. But to answer my own questions and improve my own relationship with people, I went to the “Teacher” and found these words; “Take us the foxes, the little foxes, that spoil the vines: for our vines have tender grapes.” – Song of Solomon 2:15. You see most times the issues we face in our relationships are not the problems, but the symptoms of the problems. Most of our problems stem from these three factors:

“Most people…

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You Are Almost There….Hold On

Thanks for the advice Vincent. This has taught me to be more patient and persistent with my goals.

Vincent Egoro

“A holy man, because of his great virtue, was taken by the angels to visit heaven. As the angels were escorting him through the heavenly mansion, they passed through a great hall piled high with gifts of every kind. The man asked his guides why all these gifts were here. They replied, “These are all the things people prayed for but quit their prayers right before they were to be delivered.”

So many times in life, a lot of us quit too soon. We quit when we are just “three feet from gold”. We give up on our dreams and hopes just at the time when our hard work is suppose to pay off. I have read about and seen it in the lives of many entrepreneurs who give up on their businesses, and sell them after years of toiling, and then the new owners now take these same businesses…

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The “Me Time” Myth

Your Mom Has A Blog

We moms are always talking about “Me Time.”  We seem to spend a lot of brain power thinking about it and how to get it.  I even recently saw a red carpet reporter whose sole assignment was to ask celebrity moms how they get the all-important Me Time.  And, each celebrity had different answers.  Pedicures and coffee were favorites.  Lunches and going to the gym were mentioned.  Basically any activity that doesn’t involve the children can qualify, although if doesn’t involve the children OR the husband, then it is really considered a treat.


And I know why we say this.  It’s because being a mom is tiring.  And draining.  And some days it’s not all that fun or even interesting.  Being a mom requires lots of hard work, lots of putting others first, and lots of doing things that you don’t necessarily feel like doing.  So, when we have been…

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