Look (From the Bottom of my Hypothalamus)

Never the first
Always the last.
With no regrets.
With no mournful look.
That has numbed.


From the Bottom of my Hypothalamus (Lost)

I am lost

Lost inside my own self

I couldn’t remember where I left

I couldn’t see what lies ahead


Trying to pick up every piece of me

But where will I go?

I have been too comfortable with the world I created

Is it still possible to leave?


Uncertainty is crying in my head

Doubts are circling the edges of my brain

Should I still continue to hope?

Must I still believe in me?


I want to come back home…….


From the Bottom of my Hypothalamus: KARMA

How I wish I am stronger
How I wish I am braver
How I wish I am fiercer
So I could have slapped your face
So I could have punched you to bruises
So I could have slammed your head to the ground
Yes. How I wish I have done those things
So you’re one worry off of my back
But I couldn’t…
Because I know what you did
Will haunt you down.
What you did
Will follow you.
What you did
Will come back after you
Than what I had wished for.

From the Bottom of my Hypothalamus

People that are amazing
I can also call as blessing
No matter what I am doing
Their support is unwavering.

I call them as FRIENDS.
Although I am leaving
This is not permanent
We’ll see each other again
We’ll keep in touch
It’s only distance that sets us apart
Let’s not make it a hindrance
You’ll always be
And forever be
Have a soft spot in my heart.

From the Bottom of my Hypothalamus: Ironic

I wanted you to be open
Open in the sense that you’ll be honest
Honest in the sense that you’ll stay true
True in the sense that you’ll tell me
Tell it to me first.

However, the irony is I’m afraid
I’m afraid to ask
I’m afraid to learn
I’m afraid to face
The truth behind those lies.