Few Words

If you’re lost where or how to start, just start counting from one.



From the Bottom of my Hypothalamus: KARMA

How I wish I am stronger
How I wish I am braver
How I wish I am fiercer
So I could have slapped your face
So I could have punched you to bruises
So I could have slammed your head to the ground
Yes. How I wish I have done those things
So you’re one worry off of my back
But I couldn’t…
Because I know what you did
Will haunt you down.
What you did
Will follow you.
What you did
Will come back after you
Than what I had wished for.

From the Bottom of my Hypothalamus

People that are amazing
I can also call as blessing
No matter what I am doing
Their support is unwavering.

I call them as FRIENDS.
Although I am leaving
This is not permanent
We’ll see each other again
We’ll keep in touch
It’s only distance that sets us apart
Let’s not make it a hindrance
You’ll always be
And forever be
Have a soft spot in my heart.