Reconnecting with Dusted Books

Find time to do the things that you love, so you will not regret in the future that it was left undone.


I have backtracked the things that I usually do before I got hitched and reared children. I must admit that I was too busy with being a wife, a mother, a daughter, and a career woman. I mean it is difficult to balance and to adjust to the new roles. So, there are things and certain hobbies that I left unnoticed until before my birthday. A realization has bumped into my mind that eventhough I have new roles to portray, those roles should not hinder me from making things happen.

I really love reading books. The tangible ones that are quite old and dusted. Sorry for sounding like an old timer. But really, for me, that tangible thing is a symbol of a door that opens a new world. Every page that I turn takes me from one place to another. It makes me imagine that I am the protagonist of the story, or maybe the antagonist. As the turned pages grow thicker, the excitement is also heightened. It’s like joining in a sprint race and would like to reach the finish line. It feels so good to finish the race, oh, I mean the book. It is a fulfillment nonetheless. That’s what I feel whenever I read a book.

Good thing that I have kept some of the books that I bought four years ago. Now, it is a bit easier for me to fit reading into my roller coaster schedule. I read during my idle time at work. While waiting for my first born at school, I see to it that I have my book as my company. Another free time for me is while my kids and husband is asleep. Or before I go on a deep slumber, the book serves as my lullaby.

It is great that I often have rendezvous with my dusted books. Hopefully in the next couple of weeks, I can also renew my relationship with needles and threads. Another hobby — crocheting and knitting.

There are big decisions that needs to stay on top of your priorities, but there are also small things that should not be neglected.


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