Me Time


First day in a work week from graveyard shift.


From the Bottom of my Hypothalamus

I want to feel the cool breeze of the wind
I want to feel the warm rays of the sun
While tears are bursting from my eyes
While tears are running through my cheeks
As it falls down to my chest.

The tears that fell wouldn’t last long
It will dry up immediately
But the wound that has caused the tears
Will remain and scar
That leaves a mark of a lifelong lesson.

**Composed last January 23, 2014

From the Bottom of my Hypothalamus


It’s been a long time since we’re together
Same old feelings
Same old emotions
Same old reactions
Feels like a routine to me now
It’s not that I’m getting tired
It’s not that I’m complaining
It’s not that I want to snicker around
It shouldn’t be your concern
Because I know that you know
The loyalty and fidelity that I’ve invested
All I want us to do is to rekindle the fire
Like a burning desire
Let’s continue
Let’s fall in love again
Fall in love all over again
Whatever it takes
It should only be US.