Few Words

Look back and reflect what made us better during 2013.


From the Bottom of my Hypothalamus

How many times will you have hide?
How many times will you have to lie?
How many times will I have to cry, cry, cry?

And now I pray in the Lord up high
For me to gain my strength and fight
And I bid those fears and tears good bye, bye, bye.

I’m actually planning this as a lyrics of a song. However, I’m having a difficulty in finishing it. I think I’ll just let it be a poem for now.

From the Bottom of my Hypothalamus


Hope for Love

I always dream
Of having the best things in life
But life has taught me
That not everything
Not all person
Live like in the fairytales.
I have learned to accept
That not everyone will treat you right
That not everyone can reciprocate
That not everyone can respect.
Despite of this imperfections
I have learned to love
To love my mother
To love my husband
To love my kids
To love my friends
To love everyone
To love myself.

Photo Source: Erwin Maique