Various shades of gray
Lighter or darker it may
Counters being gay.


Never a Limo Ride

Making the way to the top is really tough. You have to go through obstacles of all sorts. You have to experience all sorts of pain and disappointments. There will also be a time that you just want to shout and cry because of frustration. It will never be smooth ride in a limousine. But at the end of it all that you will be surprised that the road you have taken made you a better person. A person ready to take whatever kind of challenge, and be victorious on it.

From the Bottom of my Hypothalamus

I have conceptualized this title because of the nostalgic memories of my college days. I can still remember the details of my favorite subject – Anatomy and Physiology.
One of my college instructors told us that it is appropriate to say “FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HYPOTHALAMUS”. Hypothalamus is our part of the brain where emotions are being translated. It can be pain, happiness, sadness, and whatever other emotions that you can think.
So moving forward, aside from Few Words, you will also see articles that will come From the Bottom of my Hypothalamus.